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Very Good! 😄

This podcast is so much fun to listen too. I’ve been watching Perfect Strangers for almost four years now, I’ve seen every episode a least a million times, and it’s so good! The sitcom itself is a blast and it’s helped me out of hard days and even been there for me on fun days. I watch it almost every night, and just laugh and laugh. I was so excited to find this podcast and hear some insight into some of the references they make on the show to different things and to just hear what other people think of my favorite TV show ever. Keep up the great work and remember: When life gives you lemons, make furniture polish.

More fun than...

Revisiting this show while listening to the podcast is more fun than playing bang bong poki noki waka yahoo over at Stavros‘s farm after a week of hhhhard work during bopoltide.

I must have had ESPN...

I went searching to see if there was a Perfect Strangers podcast and found this. I love it, it’s a great romp through one of the best shows of all time. My whole family has been using Balki-isms since the 80s - don’t be ridiculous, you must have ESPN, now we do the myposian dance of joy! And to find some other people who geek out about this show as much as I do is fantastic. Fantastic pandemic escape fodder.

Doing the dance of joy!!!

This is an enjoyable family podcast about a hilarious family friendly show. I remember watching reruns of Perfect Strangers as a young child. I don’t remember any of the original plot lines, so re-watching the show and listening to this podcast makes me feel like I’m having an entirely new experience. You can hear the love of this show in the way Sofia and Imran discuss it. They have great insights into comedy and I enjoy their re-enactments of scenes. As a younger watcher/listener, I really enjoy their explanations of some of the often misused pop culture references that Balki makes. What can I say? I’m a big fan! I often wish the podcast was longer. :)

Loving this podcast!

Love it! The hosts have great "en-tu-si-asm" and obviously love the show. Keep up the great work!

I am a Halloween (not a hollow reed)

Yes! A Perfect Strangers pod! Keep up the good work :)


A podcast about one of the best sitcoms ever. Very funny and very informative. Have a laugh and learn something about your favorite show. I can’t for more episodes