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More fun than...

Revisiting this show while listening to the podcast is more fun than playing bang bong poki noki waka yahoo over at Stavros‘s farm after a week of hhhhard work during bopoltide.

I must have had ESPN...

I went searching to see if there was a Perfect Strangers podcast and found this. I love it, it’s a great romp through one of the best shows of all time. My whole family has been using Balki-isms since the 80s - don’t be ridiculous, you must have ESPN, now we do the myposian dance of joy! And to fin…

Doing the dance of joy!!!

This is an enjoyable family podcast about a hilarious family friendly show. I remember watching reruns of Perfect Strangers as a young child. I don’t remember any of the original plot lines, so re-watching the show and listening to this podcast makes me feel like I’m having an entirely new experien…

Loving this podcast!

Love it! The hosts have great "en-tu-si-asm" and obviously love the show. Keep up the great work!

I am a Halloween (not a hollow reed)

Yes! A Perfect Strangers pod! Keep up the good work :)


A podcast about one of the best sitcoms ever. Very funny and very informative. Have a laugh and learn something about your favorite show. I can’t for more episodes