Siblings Imran and Sofia rewatch and rediscover every episode of their childhood-favorite ‘80s sitcom Perfect Strangers as adults! Is this show fun? Of course, it is! Don't be ridiculous!

About the Hosts

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Sofia Javed is a Washington, DC-based comedian. She honed her skills on unsuspecting co-workers and metro riders for an undisclosed amount of time before taking them to the stage to wow audiences. She delivers tightly-worded, thought-provoking jokes around the DC area and has also performed in Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. Sofia’s comedy is inspired by her life as a woman of color in America and her side hustle as a cubicle bureaucrat. She enjoys steak.

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Imran also hosts and produces The Jock and Nerd Podcast since 2015! He loves to geek out about comic books, movies, TV, old-school hip-hop, play Gypsy Jazz guitar and is curious about pretty much everything! During the day, he's illustrating, designing, editing and creating content.